Learn How to Sell Medicare Supplements

Are you ready to soar into a six-figure income by learning how to sell Medicare Supplements? Whether you’re a new or experienced Medicare insurance agent, the opportunity to gain a residual income is right at your fingertips.

Medicare Training Online Will Teach You How To:

Easily Sell Medicare Supplements 100% by Phone

Generate High Quality, Custom Leads for Pennies on the Dollar

Earn Residual Income Year After Year From Each Sale

Create, Grow, and Manage Your Book of Business

Become an Expert in the Medicare Field

Why Sell Medicare Supplements?

Over 10,000 people a day are turning 65. This number will only continue to grow.

Seniors must join Medicare or face government penalties. This makes Medicare Supplements one of the easiest insurance plans to sell.

The largest generation (Baby-Boomers) are retiring right now. There are not enough agents to help them transition into Medicare. They need our help.

With so many seniors retiring, the opportunity for referrals is at an all-time high.

Open the door to selling other products like life insurance, dental, vision, hearing, final expense insurance, etc.

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What’s Included With the Online Course

Learn How to Sell Medicare Supplements by Phone

25 Videos Showcasing Our Step-by-Step Sales Process

7 Lessons With Everything You Need to Begin Selling

Full Video Transcripts Available for Each Lesson

1. How To Generate Leads

Want to fill your calendar with new Medicare appointments each day? In this lesson, we show you how to crush the competition by generating your own, custom leads for pennies on the dollar. We reveal a simple step-by-step process that will rapidly grow your book of business into six figures. You’ll learn the difference between leads versus demographic data and why successful agents choose one over the other.

Sample Video 1

2. Getting Started With a Predictive Dialer

Increase the number of calls you make to over 200+/hr! The right predictive dialer will dramatically increase your ability to reach more people and sell more policies. We unveil the current top picks of predictive dialers, including minimum requirements to start generating leads with the proper setup. We show everything you need to start building your Medicare book of business now.

BONUS: All MTO members receive a monthly predictive dialer discount.

Sample Video 2

3. Dialing Strategy

You’re about to discover the best locations you should be targeting when generating new leads. We show you how to build a huge list of laser-targeted leads on a shoestring budget. You’ll learn how to find and filter the best areas to prospect with proven technology and methods. We reveal the most successful times of the day to get on the phone and the appropriate window to call seniors as they approach 65.

Sample Video 3

4. How to Generate Appointments

Do you struggle over what to say on the phone? Use our industry-proven phone script to convey the right message, pre-qualify, set more appointments and close more sales. Avoid wasting time dealing with tire-kickers. Discover how to easily qualify leads over the phone and focus your efforts on those who truly need it. Learn how to schedule and set more appointments without stumbling over your words.

Sample Video 4

5. At The Appointment

Agents and clients alike have never seen a sales presentation like this before. It can be customized or used right out of the box. It literally sells itself and is ready for you to use right now. We show you how to narrow down the exact Medicare Supplement plan and choose the best fit for your clients. Get the scoop on how to answer and easily overcome the most common objections, all without hard closing your prospects.

Sample Video 5

6. Enrollment

We showcase one of the top, A-rated insurance carrier’s online application. Get step-by-step information on how to fill it out error-free and how to electronically sign the application in person or over the phone. Additionally, all of your clients will need a solution to Part D drug coverage. We remove all the guesswork by showing you how to easily find the lowest priced Part D drug plans available in your client’s area.

Sample Video 6

7. Client Management

The importance of following up with your clients after the initial enrollment is a crucial step to keep things running smoothly. Get custom email templates and discover how & when to manage your client’s next steps.

BONUS: Annual reviews help maintain and retain good relationships and happy clients. By following our proven methods, you’ll discover how we’ve successfully retained 98% of our book of business, year after year.

Sample Video 7


Why Choose Medicare Training Online?

Years of Industry Experience and Success Stories

Access to Tools and Technology

Get Resources, Phone-Scripts and Methods That Work

Gain a Partnership So You’ll Never Be Alone Again

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